My studio practice continues an exploration in functional and sculptural material, of ideas related to objects and their associations. This plays out through several structures: the vessel, furniture, a placement of sculptural forms, the joining of unique materials, design and craftsmanship. Each structure contains a volume, a span, a movement between familiar and unfamiliar, and is established through skill and intent.

Often the work begins with practical concerns regarding function and aesthetics in objects of wood and clay. The proportion, scale, breath, and weight of an object can speak clearly to its meaning. These formal thoughts slowly yield to a more poetic awareness of relationships between creative intent and historical context. The origins, use, and identity of an object whether found, appropriated, or completely crafted into existence are integral to the conversation.

While each object maintains its own internal logic, the body of work represents an investigation of relationships between objects and personal and cultural identity. The handling of material through technology and tradition calls to a specific time, place, and identity. The formal qualities scale, color, line, and form have historical context extracted from the past and made present with new relevance for today’s interpreter. The objects I produce re affirm my personal identity, providing direction in the larger cultural identity associated with creativity.